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Archive for January, 2007

*shiver shiver*

30 January 2007

I thought yesterday was cold…today was far worse. I actually had the day off from work due to snow, ice, blowing snow, and more ice. You know, I never left the house all day? What a slug I am! I also didn’t do ANY painting. Double the slug! Did I work out? No! Did I [...]

Arctic Ohio

29 January 2007

I am hating this cold weather. It makes life so unpleasant! When I cleaned Taylor’s stall today everything was frozen, and I mean everything. The manure balls sounded like rocks when I threw them into the wheelbarrow. Taylor was revved up because of the cold weather. She ran around the arena like a maniac. Good [...]

Low man on the totem pole

22 January 2007

I am so low, I think I am actually the part that is underground! What does Jan want? Who knows? No one bothers to ask.It’s irrelevant, she ain’t gonna get it anyways unless it meshes 100% with the needs of the rest of the world. *hear the violins?*
It’s hard living life as the great [...]

Fighting Sleep

17 January 2007

I think a perfect world would be one that alloed you just to lay down and nap whenever the urge strikes me. There are times when it is the greatest physical struggle for me to even keep my eyelids open. It actually hurts to stay awake! Participating in life should not be painful, by golly!
Of [...]

Doors and Windows (and other passages)

10 January 2007

"When God closes a door, he opens a window"
OK, so this isn’t always true, but it has been true for me lately! I sit down in the dumps because of my situation and then *poof*! a window opens!
I am working very hard at certain things in my life. I am working hard at training [...]

Anger Management

4 January 2007

Why is it that some people make a hobby out of being angry? I really think it must give some sort of rush or good feelings to feel righteous anger towards someone else. Heaven knows I’ve never felt it! One of my resolutions for the new year is to be angry less, to let things [...]