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Louisville, Kentucky AKC Agility Trial

March 14-16, 2014

Walking the course and trying to figure out my path

Yelling "Whooooooa!" in preparation for the contact

The three agility rings in Louisville

Taking off waaaay too far away from the borad jump, but amazingly he cleared it!

WhaT a good boy!

Got air???

I like that he is looking at me, waiting for direction

Look how tight his front paws are!

Floating above the triple (his first triple jump!)

Celebrating at the end of our first "Q" in Jumpers! It's hard to tell who is happier...

This is just so much fun...

What a pretty pause table!

Defeating the tire jump - our nemesis

I use the tunnel as a rare chance to get ahead of him, because when he comes out of the tunnel he is BLASTING!

Taking the dog walk a bit too fast, he slips off.

Our weaves are improving!

Look at that - a clean run, no faults!

What a great 3 days - 4 "Q's"!!!

Family portrait! Angela and Storm (Pretzel's aunt), Nancy (Pretzel and Storm's breeder), and us!

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