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"Captivate Your Heart"

Congress 2007 Top 10 3yo Open Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle, Top 10 Junior Hunter Under Saddle, ridden by ME! One of the proudest moments in my life, and a dream realized.

I am originally from Lorain, Ohio. That's kinda near Cleveland. Northern Ohio means Lake Erie, summer beach cruising, and SNOW SNOW SNOW. I hate the cold. I think I was supposed to be born in Florida. Anything under 90 degrees is cold to me!

I am a musician, an Equestrian, and an Artist. Can you say RIGHT BRAIN? I don't think I even own a left brain. When my creative juices start flowing, watch out!

I can be single-minded when I am creating something new, and I also can be single-minded when I set a goal for myself. This is a good and bad quality, depending on how obsessive I am at the time!

My new love - Dog Agility! I have never had so much fun in my life!!! It's fun for both of us, and I love taking on a new sport and setting new goals.

Hiking Sentinel Dome in Yosemite. Spectacular scenery!

My mom, my sisters, and me!

Music is a HUGE part of my life - both teaching and performing and also a little writing/arranging. I play in a jazz group in Dayton which is a great musical outlet.
I breed, raise, and show horses competitively. I also love showing my Weimaraner "Pretzel" in conformation and agility (my new love!!!)
I also run a small artwork business where I do custom horse portraits on wood. I have been getting into doing dog portraits also.
Oh yeah, and I love to play with my techie devices, write webpage code, and figure out new technology. I am a true geek at heart.

My totally cool laptop. I am in love! Yes, I admit - I am a closet geek.
"Ch Poet N Arokats Pretzels For Breakfast CGC"

July, 2013 - new AKC conformation champion! Exciting moment for me, I fell into the dog show thing kind of by accident and ended up loving it!

Me and some of my cool trumpet peeps. My music is a huge part of my life.


...the smell of Play-Doh
...Sharpie markers
...Mowing the lawn
...Car Talk on NPR
...Bubble wrap
...Pretzels for breakfast
...Anything techie/computer/digital/etc.

Hiking Taft Point in Yosemite, and battling my fear of heights.
"Ch Poet N Arokats Pretzels For Breakfast CGC"

...better knows as "Pretzel" - my Weimaraner and the joy of my life!

I got Pretzel in May of 2012 when he was 10 weeks old, and we have been inseparable ever since.

2013 - Best of Breed winner, Urbana, Ohio

A very cool moment to actually win best of breed and go on to show in group. I had only been going to dog shows for a year before this happened.


...Green food
...Strange food
...Food mixed together
...Slow computers
...Negative people
...Being poor
...Scratchy pens

Hiking Angel's Landing in Zion National Park - truly not for the weak of heart!

Killing time before jazz rehearsal. Yes, my trumpet's name is Ralph. Don't insult his raw-brass ugliness, he is very sensitive about that.

2013 Fort Wayne, Indiana AKC show

Me and my awesome parents. They are the BEST!!!!!

Sibling rivalry at Thanksgiving!

A bunch of cool jazz trumpet players. Oh yeah, and me, also...

Pat and I in 2009. We started e-mailing in 1997 and remained great friends.

Agility Trial - Columbus, OH 2013

Three pals out for a summer ride. There is nothing better than a summer afternoon with my best 4-legged friends.

Karaoke in Florida with the band kids, I am singing my favorite song!
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