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Pretzel's First Dog Show Win!

Mid-Ohio Cluster - Columbus, Ohio - November 17-18, 2012

6-9 month old puppy

My wonderful friend Michelle Steigmeyer took some photos of Pretzel and I at the show last weekend, and she uploaded them for me to see today. Some of the ones of Pretzel and I sitting together are so precious they actually bring tears to my eyes. Who knew I was such a sap? Here they are!!!

Waiting to show is so tiring!

Still waiting....

Being checked over by the judge

He is loving the undivided attention!

Check out that trot! Yeah, I know it's called the "gait", but remember I am first and foremost a horse person!

Having his teeth checked by the judge

Standing still is bo-ring!

Standing in the line, in front of me is my dog show mentor Kayleen, who has taught me so much!

Pretzel is proud of his ribbons! 3rd - Weimaraner Sweepstakes 6-9 month puppy, WINNER AKC 6-9 month puppy, RESERVE WINNERS DOG!

Candid photos after the show

Check out his eyes! I love this pic...

He still has a bit of the puppy look to him, doesn't he?

Turn and burn...look at him laying low on the turn!

Got ears????!!!???

No wonder why people mistake him for a greyhound sometimes!

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