Born around 1:30am Friday, March 20, 2009

18 hours old...

Taylor went early - today is day 338! Can you believe I didn't have my phone on me when I went to bed because I foolishly thought she would be like all my other mares and go a week or too late? Silly me! I got to work Friday morning and happened to check my phone and saw a missed call from Don of Liberty Hill Farm. I checked my message, and Taylor had foaled last night/early this morning!

Lazlo was big, and was stuck at the shoulders. Taylor had a really rough time of it, but not quite as rough as Lazlo! Don had to pull him (and it took quite a while), and when he finally was out he was not breathing. Don gave the foal CPR and saved his life. Words cannot describe my gratitude!

Taylor took care of Lazlo right away, she loved this colt! Don had to hold her for a while so she would let him nurse because she had no idea what was going on. She wasn't mean, but kept nosing him out of the way when he tried to nurse. By that evening, he was nursing on his own and she finally figured out her job as the major milk machine!

Lazlo is very friendly and people-oriented. He loves to be petted! I spent the evening grooming Taylor and patting Lazlo. What a joyous moment this is for me...I bred and raised Taylor, and now I have a 'grandfoal' out of Taylor.

Lazlo has a blaze, a white sock on the left hind leg that goes halfway up the cannon bone, a sock on the right front leg that reaches over the ankle, and a small triangle on his right hind foot that matches the one Taylor has on her left hind! He looks to be a dark chocolate bay, possibly will shed out to be brown.

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