Bay Quarter Horse Filly

Skys Blue Boy x Fruit Cocktail

Born at 6:45pm on Tuesday, April 23, 2002
42" tall, bay with a star and 2 short white hind socks

Allegro waited until I left for a jazz rehearsal in Dayton to make her appearance! I received the phone call right when I reached rehearsal that I had a new little girl. Her name comes from the tempo marking of the first piece we rehearsed after I received the phone call! Allegro means 'Lively and quick'.


Newborn photos!

Allegro at 1 day old

Look at that face with the perfect white diamond in the center of her forehead! She is so evenly balanced with her white markings it's like a decorator created her!

Allegro - 5 weeks old (June 12, 2002)

Allegro - 3 months old

Photos of Allegro and Fruit taken July, 2002

Allegro has shed out to be a very dark chocolate bay color.

Look at that trot!

Allegro at 5 1/2 months of age

Allegro and I - September, 2002

Fruit and Allegro at play in the indoor arena - October, 2002

Allegro - yearling year and beyond

Allegro as a yearling - June 1, 2003

Allegro at 3 years of age. Bill Smith bought Allegro from me as a late weanling, and raised her and trained her in Hunter Under Saddle.

The Skyscraper

Pedigree of The Skyscraper
2002 br 16\'1h
Skys Blue Boy
1993 gr 17h
Sky Blue Walker
1985 gr 16\'2h
Cloud Walker
1980 pal 15\'2h
Leo Sandy Bar
1961 sor
Sugar Bars 1951 ch SI-95
Leota San 1956 sor
Franks Sister
1972 pal
Geetas Cat 1959 gr
Dusty Dunie 1953 buck
Strawberry Pigeon
1975 gr
Purple Pigeon
1967 gr
T V Lark 1957 b 16\'3h
Noble Native 1962 gr
Star Of Art
1965 ch
Art Bar 1959 blk
Texas Star Miers 1943 b
Millies Dancer
1985 br TB
Marshuas Dancer
1968 b 16\'1h TB
Raise A Native
1961 ch TB
Native Dancer 1950 gr 16\'3h
Raise You 1946 ch
1962 b TB
Nashua 1952 b
Emardee 1950 dlb
So Fine
1975 b TB
Best Turn
1966 dkb/br 17\'2h TB
Turn-To 1951 b
Sweet Clementine 1960 b
Queens Lace
1969 br TB
Cornish Prince 1962 br
Donna Armona 1963 ch
Fruit Cocktail
1988 b 16\'2h TB
1980 br TB
Mr Prospector
1970 b TB
Raise A Native
1961 ch TB
Native Dancer 1950 gr 16\'3h
Raise You 1946 ch
Gold Digger
1962 b TB
Nashua 1952 b
Sequence 1946 dkb
Rock Fever
1974 gr TB
1964 b TB
Utrillo 1958 ch
Ethane 1947 b
The Smoocher
1960 gr TB
Polynesian 1942 br
Minnie Moocher 1952 gr
Fruit Basket
1979 b TB
Bold Bidder
1962 b TB
Bold Ruler
1954 br 16h TB
Nasrullah 1940 b
Miss Disco 1944 b
High Bid
1956 b TB
To Market 1948 ch
Stepping Stone 1950 b
1958 b TB
1950 b TB
Khaled 1943 br
Heather Time 1936 ch
1952 b TB
Princequillo 1940 b
Imperatrice 1938 dkb
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The Skyscraper

Fruit Cocktail

Skys Blue Boy

Sky Blue Walker

Cloud Walker

Mr. Prospector

Bold Bidder


Raise A Native

Gold Digger

Bold Ruler


Sugar Bars

Art Bar

Native Dancer




Miss Disco

To Market