It's a FILLY!

Welcome to the world....'Corky' - MAY 12, 2004

Sire: The Last Captive (Congress and AQHA world champion hunter under saddle)

Dam: Fruit Cocktail (16'2" bay Thoroughbred mare loved and owned by Jan Hare)

Corky arrived in the world 2 weeks late! I faithfully slept out at the barn in my horse trailer for 12 straight nights, checking on Fruit every 2-3 hours. She took her sweet old time in arriving...probably just testing my dedication and patience (hope I passed!).
Of course, Fruit waited to give birth until we turned her out in the pasture. She seems to only give birth outside in the grass on bright sunny days. 'Corky' entered the world sometime in the late morning/early afternoon on May 12, 2004.
She is a beautiful bay with a white star and crooked, narrow stripe on her face...no white legs!
She has the sweetest personality. She lets us hug all over her. She seems to really enjoy the attention. That's my favorite kind of horse - a people-lover!

2 weeks of age

Her legs are about a mile long!
Corky and momma Fruit

Corky at nearly 4 months of age

Like mother, like daughter!