Captivate Your Heart

2005 - the Yearling Year

January 8, 2005 - 8 months old

Corky is nearly 8 months old in these photos. She stands around 14'3".

April 4, 2005

Look at mother and daughter!
This picture shows just how big Corky is...
Fruit stands almost at 16'2, Corky is already 15'1 1/2 and won't be a year old until mid-May (a month and a half from now!)

Corky's first Longe Line class

May 28, 2005

Corky didn't know what to think of all this new getup the night before the show! First she got clipped, then she got her very first bath (ooo, water is so scary!), then she had a sheet put on for the very first time and she got to wear a sleazy hood for the first time.

All her clothes are a bit big on her yet.

Warming up before heading into the show ring

Here we go, our first class!

All finished, a nice clean class for our very first go-around!

June 25, 2005

The Non-Pro longe line class was held first thing in the morning. Corky was exhausted and did NOT want to canter for me! I let her lay down and sleep all day, then picked the shavings out of her braids and went to do the Open Hunter Longe Line class at the Tom Powers Triple Challenge Futurity.

First came the halter portion of the class. One by one we walked in and set up for the four judges to inspect conformation. After inspection we trotted away and to the left to show soundness.

After the halter portion, we walked to the rail and prepared for the longe part of the class. I used up half a can of fly spray just standing there. the temperature hovered near 100 degrees and the biting flies were out in full force! The waiting was the worst part of the class.

Finally it was our turn to warm up at the walk. I kept her calm, but wondered the big question - would she canter for me this time? I hoped she regained some of her energy. Then the announcer said it was our time, and the 90 seconds started...

I trotted her a few steps then asked her immediately to canter. YES! She went right into it, smoothly and with the correct lead! We cantered a circle and a half, then went down to a nice big trot.

Both directions went equally well, with a nice smooth reverse in between. What a success! I was so proud of my girl. She handled the crowds, golf carts and scooters, flags, and hundreds of strange horses with ease.

After waiting another long period of time, they announced the judges' placings. I had placed second, fifth, and fifth under three of the judges, earning me a fifth place overall. Not bad for her first trip away from home! It was a great moment for us, and for my tiny little breeding program! I am so glad I am able to keep her and make her into my next show horse. We are off to a great start!

September 7, 2005 - 16 months old

Corky is 16 months old now! We have experienced 3 futurity longe line classes. Corky is now starting to understand the show life...new places, new stalls, strange horses, and lots of people looking at her.

Look how flexible she is!

Corky is getting huge. I have no idea where all this height is coming from. She is eating just plain old grain and hay, and not much of it. Her hip measured at nearly 16'2" last week, 16' at the withers. You can see how big she is, compared to her pal Taylor standing next to her. Taylor is 17 hands!

Corky at the Southern Ohio Quarter Horse Futurity

Corky at the Ohio Futurity

It's the morning of October 19, 2005...show day! Our practice time in the Celeste Center was midnight till 1am, and then Corky got braided around 3am, so we are both exhausted. When I wake her up to get ready, she gives me this look "you've GOT to be kidding!"

Warming up in the Celeste overhang is always an adventure. Corky has NO problem with the millions of golf carts whizzing by her. She takes the craziness of Congress in stride. She is so tired after only a day and a half of Congress, that I worry about our class. She does not want to canter on the line anymore, she is too tired!

Here we are, relaxed and waiting for our class. I am so excited, and just happy to be here!

Thank you to the Jennings' (owners of The Last Captive, the sire of Corky!) for lending me a nicer halter that fit her! She outgrew the halter we had for the Tom Powers back in June, and Cathy and Tim Jennings came to the rescue! What great people they are, I hope Corky does them (and her sire) proud.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Standing around is not her strong point. Luckily, we go about halfway in the class, so we don't have to wait until the end. The horse before me just finished...time to start our warm-up circles.

I am planning out my strategy in my head. My goal is to get all 3 gaits both directions within the time limit. I hope she relaxes and looks pretty!

Time to start! She is very relaxed, and very tired. It takes a lot of urging to get her moving into the trot.

I really have to push her to canter, which hurts our score. I am just so glad I did get her into the canter, both directions! That was my main goal.

We finished! It wasn't perfect, but when she settled in and started moving, she looked gorgeous and relaxed. The compliments I received from people as we left the arena made my day...nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks she is drop-dead gorgeous!

At the end of my go, I had tears in my eyes. I just can't believe that we are here, that she is sound, and that we just completed a successful longe line class at Congress...against all the trainers and paid professionals! I remember just 6 weeks ago when I thought her career was over, and that she would never be sound again. This is a good example of how prayers get answered...prayers and a LOT of early morning leg-wrapping sessions!