Bay Quarter Horse Colt

Shys First Leaguer x Victoria Harbour (TB)

Born Feb. 10, 2000
Bay with a heart-shaped star and 1 white hind socks

Tory began labor around 4am (after waking me up in a dream...really!!!). Unfortunately, she had quite a struggle. This foal was very large (44" at the hip), and she had a very difficult delivery. Thank goodness both mom and baby are OK after their 2 hour ordeal. 'Moe' is a bay Appendix Quarter Horse colt with one white star (perfectly heart-shaped...could he have been thinking 'Valentine's Day'?), and one small white hind sock. His sire is Shys First Leaguer, a gorgeous 16'1" bay Quarter Horse stallion who was high-point western pleasure horse in the nation in 1997, and has over 200 WP and HUS points.

From the start, Moe has shown his independence! He struggled to stand within moments of clearing the birth canal. Poor Tory was not so lucky, as she needed some stitches (ouch!!!). Moe is a man who knows his own mind...within seconds after Tory was able to stand, he found the right spot and began nursing immediately.


Newborn photos!

"Get Motivated" at one day old

Moe at 3 weeks of age - March, 2000

Check out that trot!
Out in the sun
Taking a walk
Checking out the camera!
Tory and Moe
Mother and son
Going for a run
Sticking close to mom

Moe at 3 months of age

May 8, 2000

Moe at 5 months of age

July, 2000

Look how big Moe has gotten at 5 months of age!
Moe was always a playful colt who loved
playing with balls, bottles, and anything else
he could find laying around.

Moe has a heart-shaped marking on his head...
pretty cool since he was born a couple days
before Valentine's Day!
Moe and his good friend Pasta!

In September, Moe was 6 months old and stood 14'2" - a real giant! He was sold to the Ryans of Kentucky to begin his show career with them. One week after leaving Ohio, he placed 4th in the Kentucky Futurity...pretty good for having never left the farm or experiencing anything like this before!

Moe as a Yearling

June 13, 2001

Out in the pasture in Kentucky (his new home) playing with a pasturemate (a Dynamic Deluxe gelding)

Friends make good scratching posts!

"Get Motivated" as a two year old

Moe was still a stallion as a two year old. He was pleasant to break out, and had the smoothest canter I have ever sat on! He was still owned by Linda Ryan of Bardstown Kentucky, and trained by Stacey Ryan.

Moe (17 months old) and Stacey Ryan

"Get Motivated" as a three year old

Moe's first show under saddle was
March 15, 2003 at Harriman, Tennessee.
He handled the show atmosphere like an
old pro. Nothing bothered him!

Brother and Sister! Moe with his half sister Taylor (Spare Me The Details - out of the same mare). This was their only time to ever share the show arena together.

Moe - age 9

Moe was sold at Congress 2003. Over the years he was sold again and the papers were never transferred, so I lost track of him. I wondered what happened to him, worried about him, and hoped he was with someone that loved him!

In the fall of 2009, an e-mail was sent to me from my website from someone who ran across Moe at a lesson barn in Pennsylvania. It was wonderful hearing about him, and she snapped some photos for me so I could see what he looked like. Since her e-mail, he was sold again to a family that loves him and gives him a great home!

Pedigree of Get Motivated

Get Motivated
2001 b 16\'2h
Shys First Leaguer
1993 b 16h
Shy Prescription
1980 b
Docs Prescription
1973 b
Doc Bar
1956 ch 15h
Lightning Bar 1951 ch 15\'2h
Dandy Doll 1948 ch
Jameen Tivio
1956 b
Poco Tivio 1947 b
Jameen 1952 sor
Shy Dial
1976 sor
John Kue Dial
1963 ch
Johnny Dial 1948 br
Kue Terri 1956 sor
Cissy Sue
1970 sor
Will Rogers III 1947 sor
Ola Ollen 1966 sor
Leagiers First Lady
1988 sor
Ima A Big Leaguer
1982 ch
1970 ch
Senor Bardeck 1965 sor 16\'1h
Ranch Bars Vandy 1963 sor
1971 ch
Deacon Twist 1967 sor
Apache Valley 1958 ch
Bears Raisin Kane
1983 b
Mr Kane Raiser
1977 b
Te N Te 1973 b
Fancy Froggie 1966 sor
1964 sor
Revender 1958 sor
Dandy Moon Glow 1958 b
Victoria Harbour
b 1985 TB 16\'3h
Hail The Pirates
1970 b TB
Hail To Reason
1958 br TB
1951 b TB
Royal Charger 1942 ch
Source Sucree 1940 br
1948 b TB
Blue Swords 1940 b
Galla Colors 1943 b
1954 b TB
Niccolo Dellarca
1938 b TB
Coronach 1923 ch
Nogara 1928 b
1944 ch TB
Stardust 1937 ch
Teresina 1920 ch
Amanda North
1980 TB
Vice Regent
1967 ch TB
Northern Dancer 1961 b 15\'2h Nearctic 1954 br
Natalma 1957 b
Victoria Regina
1958 ch TB
Menetrier 1944 br
Victoriana 1952 b
Supper Club
1965 TB
New Providence
1956 b TB
Bull Page 1947 dkb/br
Fair Colleen 1950 ch
1954 TB
Chop Chop 1940 dkb
Britannia 1948
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Get Motivated

Shys First Leaguer

Victoria Harbour

Shy Prescription

Docs Prescription

Doc Bar

Jameen Tivio

Lightning Bar

Johnny Dial


Senor Bardeck

Te N Te

Hail To Reason

Vice Regent

Royal Charger



Chop Chop