1986 chestnut quarter horse gelding - 16 hands

Barons Royal Te x Miss Chicaro McCue

Barons Honest McCue, or as I called him "Myckee", is a 1986 chestnut quarter horse. I bought him in the summer of 1990. At this time he was a green-broke 4 year old who knew very little.

Myckee helped me through that tough transition from college to the real career-world. I graduated from college in 1990, and moved several hours from all of my friends and family to take a new job. My secondary job was to train Myckee to be the all-around horse I wanted.


We look thrilled about showing in the mud!

Myckee's best classes were the hunt seat events, including jumping! He had a natural long, sweepy trot, and carried himself nicely. He and I became true partners as we went on to show and win in many different events. Myckee became an excellent equitation horse. He was wonderful at patterns, and sometimes I would only have to think the pattern, and he would perform it!

April, 1991 - showing at an AQHA show in Tallmadge, Ohio in Novice Amateur Equitation. We placed 2nd out of 7 both days to earn our very first AQHA point!

Myckee and I learned together (which is always a scary thing). He would jump anything I pointed him at, which helped with my confidence. I often wish I could have him today, with my increased knowledge and skills we could have gone a lot farther!

Myckee also did western (not as good as his English classes, though!), and was a push-button showmanship horse. When I showed him, it was an all-day affair!

It's fun to see how styles have changed since 1990! I cringe looking at some of these photos, but we all have these hidden in a box somewhere, don't we? It's nice to know where I came from and how far I've come.

I owned Myckee from June 1990 to October 1995. He taught me a lot, and gave me a chance to try a lot of different show classes. He was also my first experiment in horse training, and I learned a ton about horse training with this experience!

Me with Studlee and Myckee - 1991
Myckee often gave pony rides to my nieces
(L to R: Courtney, Caitlin, Shannon, and Jackie) - circa 1994
1990 - the day I purchased Myckee as a
green 4 year old and brought him home!
Ye gads...I can't believe that was me!
How humbling!
Training at the trot - 1990
Training photo - summer of 1990
(I had only owned him a month or two)

Pedigree of Barons Honest McCue

Barons Honest McCue
1986 ch
Barons Royal Te
Mr Baron Bell
1971 sor
Baron Bell
1967 ch
Baron Reed
1961 b
SugarBars 1951 ch SI-95
Merry Time 1947 b
L H Fannie Belle
1951 ch
Diamond Bob 1946 ch
L H Fannie 1932 ch
Two Eyed Dotty
1967 sor
Two Eyed Jack
1961 ch 15\'1h
Two D Two 1957 b
Triangle Tookie 1951 pal 15\'2h
Dot Pat Star
1960 sor
Pat Star Jr 1953 b
My Tad 1949 dun
Golden Ark
1967 pal
Nellies Ark
1960 sor
Askew Arky
1956 sor
Senator Bob1942 b
Mardine 1945 sor
Miss Nellie Snip
1950 b
Leo 1940 ch
Nelly Gray G 1945 b
Front Runner
1959 sor
1953 sor
Three Bars 1940 ch
Roan Alice 1940 ro
No Tip
1955 b
Miss Chicaro McCue
Honest McCue Honest Deacon    
McCues Skipper    
Bay Chicaro Oklahoma Chicaro
1943 sor
Chicaro Bill
1930 b
Chicaro 1923 b
Verna Grace 1926 b
Star Bird
1935 b
Oklahoma Star 1915 b 14\'2h
Moores Fleet 1931 gr
Naves Rainy Lou
1945 sor
Thompsons Rainy
1941 buck
Rock 1933 pal
Mare by Avery
Cabras Baby
1940 sor
Norfleet 1924 sor
Orby Baby 1930 ch
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Barons Honest McCue

Mr Baron Bell

Baron Bell

Two Eyed Jack

Dot Pat Star

Sugar Bars

Diamond Bob

Two D Two

Pat Star Jr

Three Bars


Oklahoma Star


Peter McCue