First trip to the beach!

In December of 2016, Noodle accompanied us to Florida where Pretzel competed in the NOHS Finals and AKC National Championships. From there, we headed down south to Goodland to take out "The Grey Ghost" (our boat) and let Noodle experience the beach for the first time. I think she is a fan!

Noodle - Puppy Pictures!

Running in the surf
Jumping into the water
Grabbing Pretzel's ear while he is distracted
Playing in the shallow water
Playing all together
Me and my "kids"
Swim swim swim!
Chase me!
Running together
Happy girl!
The "Grey Ghost" boat


Best Friends...

Still has those baby blues!
The three of us on Goodland
Mark, Pretzel, & Noodle
We love the beach
Noodle looks out over the horizon
watching the gulf
Two exhausted puppies...