Noodle was born on July 22,2016. She came home with me on October 3, 2016. Our lives were turned upside down...for the better! No more quiet, boring days. Noodle brought life to my life!

Noodle - Puppy Pictures!

The day I met Noodle and her littermates
Love the Weimaraner puppy blue eyes!
Noodle and Mark
Bringing her home
Noodle and Pretzel - instant best friends
Noodle and I watching a dog show in Columbus
Such the lady
Pretty girl
Time to run!
You want me to eat THAT???

AKC Puppy Match - Medina, Ohio November 12, 2016

Noodle's first experience in the conformation ring

Stacking so pretty!


Best Friends...

Simultaneous nooking
Sharing the lazy boy
Pretzel has the patience of a saint
Pretzel becomes the chair
Best friends
We play, we sleep

More puppy pictures!

...because you can never see enough pictures of Weim puppies!

Welcoming in 2017
Opening Christmas presents!
November, 2016
Pretzel and his mini-me
October, 2016
Play time!
Run Noodle, run!
Too little to get up on the pause table. maybe someday...
These toys are all MINE!
Every inch a lady

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