1973 sorrel quarter horse gelding - 16'3" hands

Dodger Flash Bar x Sand Sue

I showed Sandy Flash Bar from 1988-1990. Sandy was a 1973 sorrel quarter horse. He taught me how to show a horse. Sandy knew the ropes! He was mainly a halter horse, but I tried to do everything with him - English, western, showmanship, even jumping! He did it all...in a fair-to-middling sort of way.

He was a great horse, and huge! He taught me how to mount without a mounting block. I got tired of walking him back to the barn to re-mount every time he bucked me off! It was tough climbing up on a 16'3"+ horse after getting dumped! Sandy went on to teach other novices the ropes. He rests now in the pasture he used to run in.

Pedigree of Sandy Flash Bar

Sandy Flash Bar
1973 sor gelding
Dodger Flash Bar
1970 blk/br
Dodgers Playboy
1963 sor
Honey Dodger 2
1960 pal
Honey Dodger
1952 pal
Brown Dodger 1948 b
Dun Honey 1940 buck
Annie Fowlie
1946 sor
Ranchero 1933 ch
Mare by Lobo 1940 grul
Leroys Molly
1956 sor
Red Signal
1945 sor
Sundown 1939 sor
Yellow Rose by Corsair
Molly OGrady
Nicky 1930 buck
Matador Mare
Miss White Bar
White Bar
1946 ch SI 95
Three Bars 1940 ch
Ready 1941
White Slipper
Red Lantados 1925 ch
Saga King 1939 blk
Pretty Burney
1953 buck
Pretty Buck
1942 buck
Pretty Boy 1928 br
Mare by Buck Thomas
1941 buck
Blackburn 1927 dun
Mareby WaggonersRainy
Sand Sue Fistful
Hired Hand
1943 ch
Old Sorrel
1915 ch
Hickory Bill 1907 b
DR Rose Mare
Water Lilly
1920 ch
Yellow Jacket 1908 rd dn
Waggoner Mare pal
1943 ch
1934 ch
Little Richard 1922 ch
China 1929 ch
1937 ch
Solis 1924 ch
Omblongana Da Javiel
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Sandy Flash Bar

Dodger Flash Bar

Dodger's Playboy

Honey Dodger


Three Bars

Pretty Buck

Old Sorrel

Water Lilly

Yellow Jacket