Pasta ~ 1998-2011

German Shorthaired Pointer
Born March 7, 1998: Remington Wingmaster II X Whirlwinds Princess Jasmine

Pasta - Puppy Pictures!

Pasta and her buddy 'Milkshake' the cat. Pasta has a deep respect for cats since Skamper raised her as a puppy and taught her the way of the world! Milkshake has no fear, she just likes a warm lap (or back!) to sleep on.

Pasta was a wonderful traveling companion. She went to all of the horse shows with me. She helped raise several horses (and got them used to dogs running around their legs!). Such a sweetheart, but she suffered from seizures her whole life and that was so hard to watch. She made me fall in love with the pointing breeds, and was what put me on the path to Weimaraner ownership.

Pasta in the snow

Photos taken in 1999 with my (then) state of the art 0.3 megapixel Sony Mavica camera (that took 3 1/2" floppy disks for memory!)