Pretzel may have been born in Ohio, but he is a beach puppy in his heart. His first trip to Florida (Goodland - in the Ten Thousand Islands) was in December of 2013. He learned the joys of water-jumping, splashing, and beach running.

Florida - 2013

3 Weimaraners in a motor home head south!
We made it to Florida!
Welcome to Goodland, Florida
Pretzel checks out the canal
Pretzel's first boat ride - he loved it!

Shell Island

Shell Island (off of Cape Romano)
It's a Weimaraner water race!
Swimming between Shelby and Mark
Swimming Pretzel!
They named this place Shell Island for a reason!
More playtime!
Check out the smile on his face
Calling the Weims
Run Pretzel, run!
Shell Island has some interesting little areas of beach
me and my boy
My 26" redfish catch!

Blind Pass

Cape Romano